Get to Know Me: Zjál


Zjál is on the path to enlightenment, and she’s sharing it with the world through her music.

The singer and songwriter of Lebanese descent was born in Australia and is now based in London. She recently released her debut single “Home,” a fiery blend of pop, R&B, soul, and hip-hop that represents the balance she maintains between simmering seductress and spiritual goddess.

Zjál talked to Musical Notes Global all about her influences, her sound, her fans, and more. Check out the questionnaire-style interview below.

For those of you who don't know me, Zjál is: I’m an Australian-born RnB singer songwriter of middle eastern descent. I’ve recently rebranded and changed my name to ‘Zjál’. Zjál is actually an Arabic word which describes the ancient Lebanese art of poetry slam.

Growing up in Australia, I was influenced by: I was brought up with a range of different musical genres. Australia’s most prominent style is rock or pop, so the opportunities for RnB were quite limited. RnB hasn’t seemed to be as strongly represented down under so I feel influenced by the lack there of and it has inspired me to step up.

A few artists who have inspired my work are J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill; because I appreciate authenticity. Those who are less concerned with image and more concerned with being genuine. I love anyone who has the intent to serve a greater cause and infuse people with important qualities such as empowerment and higher thinking.

This is how I developed my sound: It developed itself organically by trial and error. My sound is always fluid and always changing because I never want to fit into a box. I decide everything based on the way I feel. I've been recording for years and every time I tried to control the process and force specifics, I ended up scrapping the end result. I had to learn to let go and allow the process to unfold naturally.

Here's the scoop on my single “Home”: “Home” is a beautiful love song. It's also one of my more soulful tracks on my EP. It came about whilst having to travel and be apart from someone I love in order to follow my dream. It's not easy having to continuously pack suitcases and leave. As much as I am grateful, sometimes there is so much noise around me and when the world gets too loud, all I long for is to be swept up in the arms of the person I love. “Home” for me also represents my inner sanctuary and meditative state when I’m creating. The place where I can retreat and quiet my mind.

This is what “Home” represents for me: It represents a victory that I have overcome all the obstacles I’ve been faced with in my life and career. After all the delays, setbacks and tests of faith, releasing my new music is like a rebirth and a feeling of freedom. The first step in building my empire! This is the beginning of a whole new world for me, I’m finally living my truth the way I’ve always visualized it.

I'm excited about its release because I’ve done this all as an independent artist, so this project was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I have built my foundation with the help of some amazing people, who have been working tirelessly on helping me establish my career without having to rely on a traditional label. I have creative control over everything I do! This, for me, is something I am extremely proud of. This is proof that all the struggles, ups and downs weren’t for nothing.

I hope listeners resonate with what I bring to the table. I’m hoping they enjoy my sound and feel compelled to share with others. I’m more concerned about using my art as a way of making an impact in any way I can. Whether that means sharing my experiences in the hopes that other people feel like they aren't alone, or whether I can create a vibe of realness others can connect with. I'm not a fame chaser, I’m a connection seeker. I feel as though music is about reaching people on different levels. Breaking all barriers and sharing your truth. 

I love my fans because without them, I wouldn’t be able to do this! Without an audience there are no careers in the arts. Finding those who understand me and appreciate my music is priceless. I love meeting likeminded people and music has given me the platform to express myself honestly and freely which is the greatest gift! This is something I will always cherish. My fans, family and friends have been the reason I feel compelled to keep moving forward.

One day I hope to tour! That will be the next step in my masterplan, but I hope to continue to travel using music and art as my contribution in encouraging the youth. As much as music is in my life, I hope it brings me to a position in which I can make an impact using what I’ve been given as a way of serving a real purpose and making a positive difference in the world. 

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