Get to Know Us: WHOAA


Genre-bending duo WHOAA is shaking up the mainstream one colorful song at a time.

Comprising Atlanta-born Dolla and Cincinnati-born female vocalist Ring, WHOAA combines hip-hop and pop with an '80s funk flair and a modern twist.

Check out their questionnaire-style interview with Musical Notes Global below, where they talk about who they are, what they love, their new music video, and more.

For those of you who don't know us, WHOAA is an Acronym - W.hen H.earts O.pen A.nd A.ttract  -  WE ARE YOUR New Age-Retro Pop Duo Hailing from Atlanta, GA and Cincinnati, OH, Consisting of "DoLLA" and "Ring". 

This is what we do best: Share Positive Vibes, Love and bring people together ALL Riding the #WHOAAWAVE !

We love to make people feel GOOD, and uplifted with the vibes while listening to our music!! DANCE! Our mission is to  Bring Back that Feeling you've been missing from music! 

Here's the scoop on our new single "CANDY LOVE": "CANDY LOVE" is A Journey into the #WHOAAZONE, A 16- bit video game WORLD, Filled with FUNKY Grooves, ALIENS, RABBITS, JIMI HENDRIX & and LOVE VIBES!!!

We hope listeners FEEL THE LOVE!!--  LOVE !!!   We say the word "LOVE", 43 Times in this song! 

The music video was inspired by our LOVE for 16- Bit Video GAMES!!!  the games we grew up playing!  Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo... Mario, Mortal Kombat.... Etc.  It's a TOTAL reflection of our fun, personality !   ALL things Retro..   the #WHOAAWAVE

One reason you should check it out is It will make you SAY WHOAA !!!!!!!

We love our fans because they know how to RIDE THE #WHOAAWAVE !!! We call our Supporters - FAMILY!  #WHOAAWAVERS !!  and they Spread the #WHOAAWAVE - 

One day we hope to SPREAD THE #WHOAAWAVE Worldwide !!! Perform and share our Music Across the Globe !! Meeting, and making life-long friends through music and sharing LOVE all along the WAY! 


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Instagram: @saywhoaa

Twitter: @WeAreWHOAA