ICYMI: Watch "I'm So Concerned" from Teachers-Turned-Rockers No Small Children

No Small Children photo credit Astor Morgan.jpg

No Small Children bring a little glam to the rock scene along with a unique message.

These singers and songwriters--Lisa Pimentel, Nicola Berlinsky, and Joanie Pimentel--are all elementary school teachers. Working at the same school, the trio had the opportunity to use lunch breaks as band meetings, the end of the school day for rehearsing, and holidays for touring, refining their sound and performance style little by little to captivate listeners with edgy, high energy shows and socially conscious music.

No Small Children's passion for education and for their students is evident on their recently released track titled "I'm So Concerned," the latest single off their album What Do the Kids Say. Co-produced by the band's singer and guitarist Lisa Pimentel and Bob Marlette (Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath, and Filter), it reveals their worries about youth in today's world.

"'I’m So Concerned’ captures our worries as teachers about the world we’re leaving for our students and the effects societal anxiety has on our youth," Lisa Pimental explained. "It also speaks to our desire to listen mindfully to our students to understand them and what they have to say."

Watch "I'm So Concerned" below.

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