Behind the Scenes: Makena Talks 4 Facts About Her New Single "Fuqboi Worktape"

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21-year-old singer/songwriter Makena quickly won us over here at Musical Notes Global.

Now based in Los Angeles, the Colorado native draws on influences from Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Halsey, delivering sass, wit, and some fierce girl power through honest lyrics and totally infectious hooks.

Makena just released her new single “Fuqboi Worktape,” a fiery ode to the worst relationships ever. “I feel like we all have gotten out of bad relationships and were like ‘Ugh that was such a red flag! I should have known it was going to end badly.”

Today Makena reveals some behind the scenes facts about the making of “Fuqboi Worktape.” Check ‘em out below!

1. This was the first song that me and my producer Joseph Shull had written together. I knew once we left the session that day, that it was going to be the first single I released on my next project! 

2. I pretty much had all the lyrics written when I came into the studio that day for our session. I'd gotten the idea a few months back and had been working on it since then, but Joe really brought the song to life!

3. We used Britney Spears' "Oops I Did I Again" for production inspiration on the talking vocals of the song. 

4. The song was going to be titled "Red Flag,” however we had named the initial demo track "fuqboi worktape", and then I sent my friend the track and she was like you have to call the song "fuqboi worktape". It stuck with me and ended up being the title of the song. 

Listen to “Fuqboi Worktape” below.

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