Nathalie King Talks New Single "Suckr for Love" and Lotte Reiniger Inspiration

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Award-winning singer and songwriter Nathalie King is a true gem that has truly captivating stories to offer the world.

Exploring emotionally resonant themes like regret, abuse, and lost love, she has a remarkable gift for remaining honest and unbelievably raw in her writing while enveloping listeners in her hypnotizing cinematic pop sound.

King recently released her new single “Suckr for Love,” an introspective track about love and belonging. “The song ‘Suckr for Love’ is about having this craving to be loved, accepted, finding true love, something that has been deprived as a child and now wants to be found as an adult,” she revealed to Musical Notes Global. “Maybe the focus is too much on finding love and that can become an issue too of searching for this perfect love and attention. ‘Suckr for Love’ is having a weak spot for Love.”

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The single was released along with a stunning and profound music video, which draws on inspiration from the works of 1920s film pioneer Lotte Reiniger, who was the first to garner recognition in 2D animation with silhouette cut-outs instead of drawings.

“Still to this day women in the film industry aren't nearly as respected as men, aren't even found working as directors or composers for top movies. Why is it that brilliant women in the film industry like Mary Blair (background and design artist at Walt Disney studios) and Lotte Reiniger and so many more mainly remain underground or are not paid an equal amount of tribute for their work they deserve? We have a long way to go to reach equality and I know so many beautiful talented ladies especially in the illustration and animation field that are just as deserving as my awesome talented male friends who work in the creative industry. I chose this art form of animation because I love the style and the look and because I wanted to remind people of Lotte's work!

“Since my film studies in London years and years ago I felt a certain esthetic attraction to silhouettes in art and when I discovered Lotte Reiniger's work I knew that someday I wanted to make a short film just like that,” King said. “It was a bumpy road with ups and downs to animate this wonderful silhouette movie since June of this year! I spent roughly four months on making the music video. From concept to storyboarding, designing the characters and foregrounds, cutting them out from paper and animating them on a light table. I tried to stay as traditional to the technique as possible. My friend and artist Hannes Berg dedicated his talent in digitally painting the backgrounds for me. The messages and the story are very dear to me.”

“Suckr for Love” delves into a variety of subjects beyond romantic love that are both relevant and familiar to today’s younger generations. “The topics I'm tackling on are awakenings of human understanding, love, giving and protecting our world and nature that we live in,” she revealed. “The main story of the girl getting her heart broken is aimed at our online dating era where you go through people like a catalogue, judging them from their one photo (looks!!!) without spending enough time to get to know a person and working through struggles together. It's easier to just get replaced by someone new and pretty. This music video is a tribute to Lotte Reiniger!”

With the track, Nathalie hopes to not only help others heal emotionally and to take care of themselves and each other, but also to remind them to respect the earth. “All my songs are therapeutic so I hope I'll struck a nerve with some of my listeners who are going through the same thing I'm going to,” King noted. “I like to put people into a special mood that is meant to be spent alone and reflect and cry as a means to purify oneself. Kind of in a cathartic way. With the music video I hope I can remind people to take care of each other in a true and honest way, especially in this digital age we live in where ratings count more than a real human connection. And to take care of our planet which is at a critical age with all the rapidly increasing man made pollution that is going on.”

Watch “Suckr for Love” below.

“Suckr for Love” is also available on iTunes and other digital music platforms.

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