"We're not afraid to be innovative in every song": Venezuelan Duo EstoeSPosdata Talks Collaboration with Juhn "El All Star" + More


Venezuelan duo EstoeSPosdata is breathing new life into the Latin urban genre, one tropical-flavored jam at a time.

Comprising Salomón Benacerraf (Salo) and Manuel Ujueta (Pollo), EstoeSPosdata first started when Salo listened to a song that Pollo wrote for his ex-girlfriend. Bonding over their shared love for music, they began to write and record until EstoeSPosdata the duo emerged. Now they’ve been together for almost two years, writing songs that tell stories about their own lives, and are gaining notoriety across Latin America for their signature infectious tunes.

The charts don’t lie. After launching their debut single “Un Trago” in 2017 and releasing collaborations with fellow Venezuelan artists Chyno Miranda and La Melodia Perfecta, EstoeSPosdata has landed in the top 10 of multiple Latin American music charts and at No. 1 on Record Report’s Top 100.

The duo recently released their latest single “La Que Quiero (Brujería),” a collaboration with Puerto Rican trap artist Juhn El All Star, and they told Musical Notes Global all about it. Check out the interview below.

MNGBlog: How would you describe your musical style?

EstoeSPosdata: The truth is that our style is urban fusion. We're not afraid to be innovative in every song. But that doesn't take away the fact that once in a while you may see us making a merengue, a salsa or, who knows, even a ballad.

MNGBlog: What was it like working with Chyno on “Tu Boquita”? What did you learn from the collaboration?

EEP: “Incredible. Chyno Miranda is like a brother to us and every time we remember this wonderful experience it fills us with a lot of joy. We learned that this is not an easy career, that it comes with a lot of sacrifices and that one must fight for what he wants with a lot of faith, but always with our feet on the ground.”

EstoeSposdata Juhn.jpg

MNGBlog: Let’s talk a little about your new single “Brujería.” We love it! What was the song inspired by and how did the collaboration with Juhn develop?

EEP: “Brujería" is inspired by the power that women have to bewitch a man. It deals with when you're so hopelessly in love with a person without any explanation, that we even come to the point where we would be able to say that they performed magic on us. Thanks to producer brothers named Frank Santofimio and Andres Saavedra, they introduced us to Juhn and we talked for a long time, which ended up in this collaboration. It took two days to record and write the song, all of it done in Miami.

Watch “La Que Quiero (Brujería)” below.

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