EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch "Traces," the New Music Video from Rob Jamner



Rob Jamner is all about bringing people together through his music, and his new single “Traces” is his latest testament to reaching that goal.

Today the California-based singer and songwriter is premiering “Traces” exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Delicately gorgeous in its simplicity yet remarkably powerful in its message, it’s a track that helps us look beyond the pain of loss and instead focus on the capability that love has to exist infinitely.

“‘Traces’ is a ballad about death, but it might also be my most optimistic song,” he says. “I am not sure what happens in the afterlife, but I believe that the love we bring into this world continues to exist, even after we have passed on. If you add up all of the love that every person has expressed in all of human history, it becomes mountainous. Maybe this is a naïve way to see the world, but what if it were true? What kind of impact would you want to make? What kind of life would you want to lead?”

The music video, which was directed by Jared Swanson, is one of five videos that Jamner commissioned to draw listeners into the stories he has to share through his upcoming EP Holding Stones. “Instead of traditional music videos that focus on myself and my band, I want our works of art to be in conversation with each other, standing on equal footing,” he says.

Recorded at the legendary Tiny Telephone recording studio in San Francisco, Holding Stones is set to drop February 22.

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