WATCH: "Subtract & Divide" from Glory Daze

Glory Daze is Lea Beiley, a queer artist who resides in Los Angeles.

Beiley is androgynous, in her pronouns (she goes by she or he), and in her fashion sense. “The fact that half the strangers I interact with on a daily basis perceive me as a guy means I’m coming off to people the way I feel inside: ambiguous,” she said. “I love that.”

Beiley as Glory Daze is personal, observant, and unapologetic. Her latest release “Subtract & Divide” is light with piano and synth yet filled to the brim with soul and heartache.

“Subtract & Divide” is about the aftermath of a breakup, the messy and sad side where you’re not sure what went wrong. “I think we all to some extent end up being haunted by our memories of the good moments and wondering what parts of our experience with that person were real,” Beiley said.

Produced with childhood friend J. Roosevelt, the track was written bicoastally: Beiley in California and Roosevelt in Washington D.C. The two released the track, not thinking it would hit almost over a million streams on Spotify. “We didn’t have a plan, we didn’t have a fan base, we had nothing; just a song the two of us thought was cool,” she said. “Then it snowballed and we weren’t quite ready for it.”

But not to worry, after traveling some and getting back into her groove, Beiley has a number of collaborated tracks she’s ready to release.

Watch the visually stunning video for “Subtract & Divide” below.

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