Marlon Chaplin's "A Single Drop" Addresses Social Media in the 21st Century

Toronto-based artist Marlon Chaplin has a knack for anthemic rock and roll songs.

His latest single “A Single Drop” is a commentary on society’s social media and technology obsession. In life, society hangs by a moment. That moment is then posted to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the rest of the world to see.

Technology creates many ways to connect people, but also ways to disconnect them from reality by creating antisocial behavior. This single suggests that society’s fantasies are indeed replacing real human, face to face interaction.

Chaplin’s theatrical vocals in “A Single Drop” hang over a booming guitar and steady beat, promising listeners a ride through a ‘70s rock experience. The xylophone/keyboard-infused track is the fourth single released off of Chaplin’s ten-song debut album titled The Circle.

Watch “A Single Drop” below.

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