Melymel Talks Dragon Queen, a Nod to Female Empowerment

Melymel Dragon Queen.jpg

“La Mama del Rap,” aka Melymel, is the most respected female rapper in the Dominican Republic and one of the hottest in the game.

Constructing her super-stellar career since 2005, the actress, producer, and singer, who has found her influences in the form of legendary rappers like Tupac and Lauryn Hill, has dominated her genre, accumulating 1.7+ million Instagram followers and 20+ million YouTube views worldwide.

One year and travels across the United States and Dominican Republic have resulted in Melymel’s latest album Dragon Queen, her third in studio. Released in November 2018, the album takes its title from her year of birth—1988—the year of the dragon. It delivers a hard-hitting modern sound aligned with the wave of Latin trap taking over the charts right now while incorporating glimmering flecks of Jamaican vibes and the vibrant bop of dancehall. “Dragon Queen is mostly trap and R&B,” she told Musical Notes Global. “It’s a female empowerment album and it has a fresh sound that goes with the trap wave in the Latin movement.”

Featuring the contributions of some of the most cutting-edge producers and artists in the industry, including Mozart La Para (“No One”), Neka One (“No Se Me Olvida”), and Mestiza (“Salgo Sola”), as Melymel’s third full-length album, Dragon Queen makes a strong statement, taking listeners on a journey through self-love and respect, relationships, secrets, and honesty. While she said she doesn’t have a favorite song on the album, she acknowledges that it has pushed her and helped her grow in new ways. “It has set the bar higher for me as an artist,” she revealed. “It took me a lot of time to finish it, I wanted to be perfect, but I guess the most important thing I learned was to be persistent and patient.”

Dragon Queen also notably features Melymel’s collaboration with Ivy Queen, “Se Te Apago La Luz,” a fan favorite and definite stand out born out of a dinner between the two industry innovators and producer Jorge Miliano. The track puts Melymel and Ivy Queen’s respect for one another, as well as their undeniable skills, on full display.

As for what she hopes to convey through Dragon Queen, Melymel says: “Be open-minded, every song tells a different story and has its unique sound.”

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