My Playlist: Linda Marie Fischer (WHM Playlist Series)


Linda Marie Fischer dives deep into the soul with powerful lyrics and delicate, easy-to-listen-to melodies

A former reporter, publicist, and book publisher, Fischer is now following her dreams in music and is fresh off the release of her debut album Arc Of Love, a wonderfully heartfelt collection that depicts the complexity of the human condition with graceful insight.

As part of Musical Notes Global’s Women’s History Month celebration, today Linda talks five female artists who have inspired her work. Check ‘em out below!


Cher has been my lifelong idol and it was watching her in the coolest outfits ever that made me think maybe, just maybe, I could be a singer. If you love Cher, you love authenticity. She speaks a truth, in her music, her life, and her views. I think the world of her as an entertainer. She’s gutsy and gorgeous.

All of this was confirmed when I had the pleasure of speaking to Stephanie J. Block after watching a master class she gave at New York City Center. She is “Star” in The Cher Show on Broadway and said the real Cher is an incredible woman whose strength helped Block find herself in the role. I can sum up my feelings for Cher in one word: awesome. I tried to capture the spirit of “I Got You, Babe” in my album, Arc of Love.


If you’ve danced to “I Will Survive” sung by Gloria Gaynor, it can be hard to get that song out of your head. I did enumerable times before I grasped what the words really meant. The meaning of the song is in its lyrics. So if you “used to cry” it doesn’t always have to be that way and I can get to a place where I can “hold my head up high,” right? And when “you see me, I’m somebody new,” did I get that correct?

Gloria was singing these uplifting words with such conviction. This song can carry us through challenging times. It has for me. I can only wish that my track “Trails in My Life” reflects some of what I learned from it.


Lady Gaga is among the most popular singers on the planet and I love just about anything she sings from “Poker Face” to “Just Dance.” But there’s a lot more to her appeal than that. She sings from the heart, about real people she loves, and her humanity shines through. I can’t think of a better reason to sing–it’s a driving force behind my music and songwriting.

Take Lady Gaga’s song “Joanne.” It’s spare but not sparse. It’s deep and giving even in its sadness. This is great music–complex, compelling, and enjoyable. There’s more to her than a great voice. Her performances go to the person. I am inspired.


Great television shows and great music. I’m hooked. They provided a certain inspiration for Arc of Love. Who could miss Texan Kelly Clarkson on American Idol? She has a huge voice and never looks back when she’s singing. There’s nothing to doubt. You know it’s going to be great.

From her emergence into the popular culture to her compelling presence as a driving force in music, Clarkson delivers her message with stunning power across her great range. She’s an inspiration to me and everyone loving music.


Recently I was at the checkout at the Whole Foods in Tribeca in NYC. I noticed the Carpenters with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra CD. The Carpenters are immortals from an earlier era and yet they were driving sales and capturing buyers long past expectations. My casual observation left me smiling while I paid for the Carpenter CD.

Karen Carpenter, the lead vocalist, died at 32. But to singers, she is a gold standard. As a vocalist, Karen has endured the test of time. Her voice was velvet, the words infused with meaning. Her gentle yet powerful vocals moved audiences the world over. Spend some time with her music and be inspired. I know I have been.

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