talker Shares a Playlist of Artists Who Have Inspired Her for Women's History Month

PHOTO CREDIT: Bridgit Fatora

PHOTO CREDIT: Bridgit Fatora

Celeste Taucher, aka talker, is a grunge-pop artist we’ve quickly come to love.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, talker grew up in Sacramento, CA and attended the University of Miami before moving to Los Angeles to pursue songwriting. Having struggled with presenting her true artistic self in her earlier years, talker has now come into her own and is fresh off the release of her EP Horror Films, which includes her stunning and vulnerable single “Intimidated.”

As part of Musical Notes Global’s Women’s History Month celebration, today talker shares a playlist of female artists who have inspired her over the years. Check it out below!

“How can I possibly squeeze (almost) 24 years’ worth of inspiration and idolization into a playlist? I grew up in a household of music lovers who encouraged me to blast it loud, fight my way to the front of the concert, and generally care about music and expression more than anything else. I’ve done my best to keep that mentality while navigating early adulthood and the insanity that is living with smartphones, comparison by way of social media, and being available 24/7.

So, here is an extremely condensed playlist of women who have influenced and inspired me and my music, ranging from the year I was born to my favorite buzzing LA artist.

“Your Loves Whore”-Wolf Alice

A lot of songs rotate holding the title of “favorite song” for me, but this one takes that spot most often. Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice is an incredibly thoughtful lyricist, writing tear-jerking love songs one minute and then flipping the switch and screaming for three minutes straight. Combined with the euphoric background vocals and intricacies of the drum patterns, I think god was in the room when this song was made.

“Why Didn’t You Stop Me?”-Mitski

I love Mitski because not only is her music incredibly catchy and relatable, she is the perfect example of someone who worked insanely hard, got better with each release, and just made it happen for herself. I started listening to her with “Bury Me At Makeout Creek”, a few albums in, and she was still playing a lot of house shows and small solo gigs - the ground she’s covered in five years is really impressive and I look to her for inspiration a lot.


Alicia Bognanno is just…..really cool. I want to be her friend and have her take me on tour. She has such a soft, tender singing voice but then has the capacity to just shout and scream and I LOVE that juxtaposition. I listen to this song when I need a really badass pick-me-up.


I actually just started listening to Tancred a few months ago so I’m a little late to the game, but she’s another example of someone who just makes sick music and keeps pushing and really drives her own career. Her latest album “Nightstand” is really solid all the way through and this song makes me feel like I’m standing on a rooftop looking at heaven.

“Losing Grip”-Avril Lavigne

I mean - duh. I can’t make a playlist of my lifelong inspirations without including Avril Lavigne. I was seven years old when her first album came out and I think I listened to it every single day for at least two years. Or at least until her next album came out. Until then I had listened to a lot of my parents’ favorite artists, but this one was mine.

“Hand in My Pocket”-Alanis Morissette

Another one I have to include. Jagged Little Pill came out the year I was born, so I think it’s permeated my subconscious throughout my entire life. Alanis Morissette has been a huge influence on my musical development, both as a listener and musician. I recently revisited this song and am now at the point in my life where the lyrics are essentially just describing me.

“Most People”-LeyeT

LeyeT is actually the project of my good friend Angela Mukul. She’s a huge inspiration to me because not only is she super talented, but she’s also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. When this song came out I was at a transitional point in my life and was having a hard time, and I remember crying the first time I heard it because I really felt spoken to. When I see her perform I’m there more as a fan than a friend at this point. She’s definitely got a long and fruitful career ahead of her. Check her out.

“Hard Feelings/Loveless”-Lorde

Lorde! Another artist that I just absolutely love and want to be friends with and create art with. This song is just such a candid and truthful expression of losing love and all the emotions that come with that. An incredible performer and someone who is just truly herself and not afraid of being a weirdo.

“Fake Happy”-Paramore

It wouldn’t be a talker playlist without Hayley Williams. She’s a huge inspiration to me as a musician and a human. Like a lot of other women my age, I’ve listened to Paramore for what….almost fifteen years?! All We Know Is Falling came out in 2005 so I guess it really has been that long. It’s been really cool to watch her develop and to see the person she is now - supporting other women, championing human rights, and still making incredible music. This song in particular speaks to me and where I’m at right now.

“Celebrity Skin”-Hole

Duh. I grew up listening to grunge via my parents. I liked Hole, but I wasn’t actually super into them until college when I had an assignment to recreate and write a song in the style of Hole. And then I was like…..oh. This is what I do now.

“Numb”-Meg Myers

Meg Myers is just sick. This song is super relatable and we should be touring together. Lol. Los Ageless - St. Vincent Another artist who has built a career with longevity by just being uniquely themselves. I’m sure there were a million industry people who passed on her because she was weird, and are now kicking themselves. Plus, we can never have too many female shredders.

“Oh, What A World”-Kacey Musgraves

I started listening to Kacey with “Same Trailer Different Park” and it’s been so cool to see her really cross genre lines and become this huge phenomenon for fans of all tastes with “Golden Hour”. This song in particular makes me cry. I wish I could just take a road trip and blast this with the windows down everyday.

“Something”-Julien Baker

Be still my heart. I had to include Julien Baker and had trouble deciding which song because every single one is so relatable and so gut-wrenching. She’s been a later discovery in my life - I found her first record in mid-2016 and was so inspired by its simplicity and poignancy. A huge influence on my recent writing for sure.

“Sky Full of Song”-Florence + The Machine

We all love Florence but I think this song in particular is really special because we see her in a moment of such vulnerability. Instead of running barefoot across the stage with a dancing crowd, it’s introspective, it’s quiet, and it’s this beautiful poetry that she does so well. But I gotta say - I saw her at the Hollywood Bowl last fall and she didn’t play it. And I’m still bitter.

“Serpents Demo”-Sharon Van Etten

I heard this version of “Serpents” maybe five or six years ago and it’s haunted me since. The lyrics are so well-written and while the original is evocative, this version truly has ripped through my soul in a way few other songs have done. Sharon’s vocal recording in particular carries so much pain in it, and its effect hasn’t worn off since the first time I heard it.

Listen to talker’s “Lady Talkin” playlist below.

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