[VIDEO] Story Behind the Song: Jerrica Alyssa Talks New Single "Ride"

Soulful singer Jerrica Alyssa has delivered an amazing anthem for the weekend!

A student of ARCT, Royal Conservatory of Music, the Vancouver-born songstress moved to Nashville to continue her journey. The move proved successful: it lead her to tour the world—hitting countries like China and Japan—and she also appeared on Canadian Idol and Variety’s Got Talent.

Jerrica Alyssa released her latest single “Ride” in February. Infectious and relatable, the track, which incorporates elements of pop, funk, and R&B, explores the anticipation of the undiscovered, making it the perfect song to jam out to on an adventurous Friday night ride to nowhere and anywhere.

Jerrica Alyssa recently talked the story behind “Ride” with Musical Notes Global. Watch below.

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