Elliot Lee Reminds Us There's Nowhere to Go But Up in Empowering New Single "Upside Down"

Brooklyn’s Elliot Lee is bringing a dark edge to pop music, and we love her for it.

Growing up in a nomadic lifestyle, Lee’s family traveled around the country during her childhood, but it was music that provided her with an unwavering stability.

Now the self-taught artist strives to encourage her listeners to stop being so hard on themselves—and remind them that they are not alone in what they’re going through—while sharing her own struggles. “Each song is a representation of what was taking up the most space in my brain while I was writing the lyrics,” she reveals, “and the writing process itself helps me to work through the issues instead of just quietly ruminating like I otherwise do.”

Lee’s latest single “Upside Down” is the perfect anthem for those of us experiencing frustration and defeat. With an empowering beat, the indie pop bop explores the feeling of constantly running into brick walls when all you’re trying to do is move forward, reminding everyone that being at the bottom means there’s no where to go but up.

Listen to “Upside Down” below.

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