Get to Know Me: Ruben Young

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There are some artists on this earth that a person wishes they could have discovered sooner or could hear their music for the first time over again. Ruben Young is one of those artists.

The Calgary native has a raspy, soft, and welcoming voice like no other, and it’s complemented by a modern R&B sound that wraps around listeners’ souls like a sweater, leaving them with songs reminiscent of Young’s inspirations: Marvin Gaye, Anderson .Paak, and Amy Winehouse.

Young’s single “Golden Hell” is sexy, soulful, and has a touch of grit. Most importantly, the track makes listeners want to dance. It’s meant to be shared.

Get to know Ruben Young and his latest track a little better “Golden Hell” in his interview with Musical Notes Global below!

For those of you who don't know me, Ruben Young is an R&B crooner and songwriter from Calgary, Canada.

Here's the scoop on my new single "Golden Hell": Golden Hell is about how hard it can be chasing the things we love in life. It’s a slippery slope that stands between where you are and where you want to be. When you give your whole self to your vision, it’s easy to lose yourself in the madness.

It was inspired by a long weekend in Montreal last summer. At the time I was at a tough fork in the road between who I love, what I love and what direction I was about to steer my life towards.

To me, this song represents a very definitive chapter of my life.

I hope listeners sink into the lyrics, relate, and know that the dark side of chasing our dreams is just a phase. It’s apart of the process. You’re not alone. We got this.

You might be surprised, but my hidden talent is watching all of Game of Thrones in 2 weeks. Get at me.

Here are a few songs I have on my playlist right now: “Unfair”-6lack, “Bad Bad News” Leon Bridges, “Put Me Thru”-Anderson .Paak, “Psycho”-Delaney Jane

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Twitter: @TheRubs