[INTERVIEW] Swedish/Ugandan R&B Artist Pheeyownah Talks Debut Album SILVER

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Swedish/Ugandan singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer Pheeyownah has us absolutely captivated by her mystical style.

Mirroring the melodies and lyrics of Björk, SZA, FKA Twigs, and Flume, Pheeyownah, aka Feyona Naluzzi, explores relatable themes like insecurity, love, lust, and empowerment through her dreamy, ethereal tracks.

Today the Stockholm-born artist releases her debut album SILVER. Created in collaboration with producer Juliann Julian, it reminds us all to make the best of whatever situations we may find ourselves in.

Pheeyownah recently sat down with Musical Notes Global to talk about the album, how dancing has influenced her music career, and more. Check out the full interview below!

MNGBlog: Congratulations on your debut album SILVER! How does it feel to finally make this step? 
Pheeyownah: Thanks a bunch! It feels great, so far the response to the singles have been overwhelming so I can’t wait for everyone to listen to the album front to back. 

MNGBlog: What does SILVER represent for you? 
Pheeyownah: My artistic freedom. 

MNGBlog: While writing this album, what did you find you were most inspired by? 
Pheeyownah: Writing songs about empowerment always inspires me. It’s my way of reminding myself of my strengths and my determination. 

MNGBlog: Did you learn anything new while making the album? 
Pheeyownah: That if you don’t have a clear vision for something, don’t force it. Let it come to you and trust the creative process. Some processes are tougher than others and this one was certainly one of my most challenging ones. I also learnt how to show a more vulnerable side that I don’t usually expose without embebbing it with poetry and riddles. 

MNGBlog: Which track holds the most significance for you? 
Pheeyownah: It’s hard to say. It’s like trying to choose your favorite child. “Gold,” however is extra special to me because I’m so happy I managed to write a love song that paints such a vivid picture of two people madly in love without making it sound cheesy. I’m honestly still in awe that I wrote it, I'm absolutely in love with the lyrics. 

MNGBlog: How would you describe Pheeyownah the artist versus Feyona Naluzzi the person? 
Pheeyownah: Pheeyownah the artist is vivid, fearless and unapologetic. She lives by her own rules and claims her rightfully owned space. She’s a mystery but yet kind, loving and a force to be reckoned with. She is the best version of myself, and I strive to be more like her. 

MNGBlog: Do you think your experience as a dancer has influenced your music career at all? 
Pheeyownah: Absolutely. For starters, I listen to music differently because of my dance career. I like analyzing music that i love and try to pin point exactly why it gets me going by listening to the melodies, rhythms, instruments, bpm’s and other elements. So based on those attributes, I find a way to create music that makes me feel good and makes my body move. 

MNGBlog: What do you hope the rest of 2019 has in store for you? 
Pheeyownah: I’m just hoping to widen my audience and touch as many people as possible with my music.

“Scent/Sweat” was the most recent single to be released off of SILVER. Listen below.

Stream SILVER now on Spotify.

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