Pop Starlet Lisa Danaë Tackles Flirting in the 21st Century with New Single "Type Erase"

Texting has become more than a common habit in today’s world and sometimes it can be hard to convey what we’re really feeling in just a few symbols.

Rising Filipina-American pop starlet Lisa Danaë totally gets it. Her new single “Type Erase” speaks to just how hard it is to translate emotions into words on a screen. We can type, erase, type some more then erase again before finally pushing send—on purpose or *gasp* by accident!—especially when trying to craft that perfect message to a crush.

The edgy upbeat track is what she calls “a literal and metaphorical illustration of the back and forth, push and pull that go on in most relationships,” and it’s the perfect anthem not only for Millennials, but Gen-Zers, and most likely all of those generations yet to come.

Listen to “Type Erase” below.

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