[VIDEO] Story Behind the Song: South for Winter Talk New Single "Twine"

South for Winter.jpg

Nashville-based folk-blues trio South for Winter will warm your soul with their earthy vocals and delectable harmonies.

Comprising Dani Cichon, Nick Stone, and Alex Stradal, the group shimmers and shines through a blend of folk, gypsy, jazz, and blues music, creating carefully crafted stories that draw listeners into their glowing depths.

South for Winter just released their stunning new single “Twine,” an intriguing love story defined by a wonderfully delicate elegance thanks in part to Cichon’s graceful vocals. Anchored by the emotive speech of tear-jerking strings, “Twine” will quickly turn anyone who listens into a South for Winter fan.

The trio revealed the story behind their new single in an exclusive video for Musical Notes Global. Watch below.

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