YSSY Has a Crush...Check Out "Sooner" Now!


Crushes are scary and exciting, but realizing you have a crush on someone? That can be just as scary and, if not more, exciting.

YSSY, a Toronto-based alt-pop duo, embodies this feeling with their new single, “Sooner.” Comprising Elliot Caroll and Simeon Abbott, the duo self-produced the “almost-love” song at their home studio/record label called Spruce Sound. “It captures the quiet, self-revelatory, electric moment of realizing how you feel about someone and wanting to tell them ASAP, even if you don’t know exactly how or when you’re going to say it,” Caroll explained about the track.

With notes of Scandi-pop (Scandinavian-inspired pop music), “Sooner”’s stomping pace and fluttering bass create a hummable beat. Upbeat synths and relatable lyrics lend a retro feeling to the song and will have fans dancing and singing along after the first chorus.

YSSY’s self-produced EP, described as “a celebration of shiny, vivid lush pop”, will be released in summer 2019. Watch the official lyric video for “Sooner” below!

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