Arthur Moon Keeps Our Pride Celebration Going with Their Track “Homonormo”

It’s nearing the end of Pride Month, but here at Musical Notes Global, we’re still celebrating queer artists from all over the world.

Wonderfully weird and avant-garde, “Homonormo” by Arthur Moon is a kaleidoscope of pop music. The trippy yet soft sounding track takes listeners on an existential ride, guided by a stomping beat and queer frontperson Lora-Faye Åshuvud’s hypnotic layered vocals.

The Brooklyn-based project comprises Åshuvud, Cale Hawkins (Quincy Jones, Bilal, Wyclef Jean) and Martin D. Fowler (a composer for This American Life). The trio is all about making music that is “incorrect” and celebrates the “queer impulse,” which is breaking the rules.

Arthur Moon’s debut self-titled album is out in July via Vinyl Me, Please and everywhere August 2.

Listen to “Homonormo” below!

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