Chazzy L.'s Latest Single "Floating" is a Trippy Love Song for Your Summer Playlists

Los Angeles has produced and molded many artists in the music industry. One of them is Chazzy L.

Inspired by hip hop, soul, and rock n’ roll, the fiery pop singer mixes old school beats with new school attitude. Her secrets are on full display through her lyrics and raspy vocals, inviting listeners into her psychedelic stories.

Chazzy L.’s latest single “Floating” is a groovy love song that will make you feel like you’re in a trippy trance. Equipped with a funky guitar riff, inflection for days, and an infectious beat, “Floating” doesn’t stick to one genre. It travels across the norm of pop music and flips it completely on its head.

You can listen to “Floating” and follow Chazzy L. down below!

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