Get to Know Us: Tom Boy

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Nate Daniels and Dante Berardi Jr. are Tom Boy, a pop band living their truth.

Formerly members of the Toronto-based band CAIRO, the pair is now doing what they want on their own terms, and they’re shaking up the world of pop one song at a time.

Daniels and Berardi Jr. recently released their second single “Lowrider,” a synth and electric guitar driven track about finding yourself in the craziness of the world. With over 300,000 streams on Spotify since its release in April, the song has undoubtedly become a fan favorite.

Get to know Tom Boy better in their questionnaire with Musical Notes Global. Read below to get your taste of the duo.

Why we’re called Tom Boy:

Dante Berardi Jr.: Nate and I were both mistaken for girls as kids. I was often either thought to be a girl, or gay growing up because I was (and still am) dainty and effeminate. Nate had a great story about being called a Tom Boy, and it just worked. Easiest decision we have made so far was the name.

We’re from:

Dante: Moncton, New Brunswick / Thunderbay, Ontario

Nate Daniels: Vancouver, BC

Our favorite thing about our hometowns is:

Dante: Moncton-Sunsets, sailing, seafood

Thunderbay-Italian food, camping, fishing

Nate: Sprawling mountains, melancholy, and of course the rain!

Give a compliment to each other (and mean it):

Dante: Nate is easily one of the most naturally gifted song writers I have ever met. And is an incredibly supportive brother.

Nate: Dante’s taste in songwriters is impeccable, lol. But seriously, Dante is one of the most avid music listeners I’ve ever met and I am always finding out about amazing acts through him. His ear is fine-tuned and I always take his advice into account more than anyone I know.

A word that describes our music:

Dante: Wastecase Pop

Nate: Smack-talking pop-rock

What I always blast when I’m feeling down:

Dante: Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith

Nate: Radiohead (more specifically, “Letdown”)

What I always blast when I’m feeling happy:

Dante: Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem

Nate: Broncho, Sam Fender

If we were to collab with any artist, dead or alive, it would be:

Dante: Brit Marling, would love to score one of her works.

Nate: Dorothy Dandridge-a medium told me I was her in a past life!

If I could hear a song for the first time again, it would be:

Dante: Kevin Morby-“Harlem River”

Nate: Ray LaMontagne-“Be Here Now”

The first song on my current playlist is:

Dante: Loyle Carner-“Ottolenghi”

Nate: Zola Blood-“Infiinite Games”

My favorite artist is:

Dante: Impossible question. Pass.

Nate: Ditto.

My favorite song we’ve ever written together:

Dante: “Lowrider”

Nate: “Lowrider”

A song we wish we wrote:

Dante: Rihanna-“Needed Me”

Nate: Beyoncé-“Love On Top”

Last time my heart was broken:

Dante: When CAIRO broke up.

Nate: Ditto.

Last time I made a decision I regretted:

Dante: I ate pork the other day.

Nate: Every time I get out of bed.

My favorite thing about pride month:

Dante: The fact that it is the norm now. Not a cute novelty. Every day is pride month.

Nate: Toronto leaves its sordid black, white, and grey uniform behind for more vibrant expressions!

How you can be a good ally during Pride month (and the rest of the year):

Dante: By listening, by being available, by being open, by being empathetic, by making space.

Nate: Promote, like, and share inspiring stories of LGTBQ+ people in your lives and your community. Make it personal and make it count!

The scariest thing about almost quitting music:

Dante: That no one would really give a shit.

Nate: Being known as someone who gave up.

Why we kept going after CAIRO:

Dante: Because we knew we were really really good at what we do. And are gluttons for punishment

Nate: I couldn’t see a path where music wasn’t involved. I am stubborn and blinded by my drive to make an impact.

Watch the music video for “Lowrider” below.

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