[INTERVIEW] Saint Spicer Talks "On Repeat"

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Araquistain

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Araquistain

In life, one can feel overwhelmed, stuck even. Life can be moving forward, but to different people, it could feel like it’s at a standstill or going in circles. This can be frustrating, especially when a person feels like they can’t get out of it, or even worse, they don’t know that it’s happening in the first place.

“On Repeat” by indie R&B singer Saint Spicer is, in a nutshell, about her toxic dating patterns and her relationships going in circles. Without realizing it, she falls victim to catching feelings and repeating her old habits.

Saint Spicer tells her story while basking listeners in funk-and-soul-influenced off-beats and a heavy bassline. With the silkiest of vocals and the most honest of lyrics, “On Repeat” is destined to be on many Spotify summer playlists.

Musical Notes Global recently caught up with the songstress to discuss her inspirations, giving advice, and how she got into funk/soul music. Check out her interview below!

MNGBlog: When did you know that you wanted to be a performer?

Saint Spicer: My friend and I were just talking about this. Some people are lucky enough to know their soul’s calling at a very young age. I always wanted to perform, since I was very small. I love making people smile, and putting on a show. Whether it was imitating Shania Twain or Usher, I was on this wave since 3 years old.

MNGBlog: Why did you want to continue writing/making music?

Saint Spicer: People definitely need a creative outlet. A way to process what they’re feeling, and a way to release all their energy! Writing music definitely helps with that, but I have to say there is something super cool about making something that people dance to! It’s crazy being on stage and singing or rapping and seeing people dance and have a good time. We did that!

MNGBlog: Who were some of your musical inspirations growing up?

Saint Spicer: Definitely Shania Twain! She was on top of the world when I was growing up. I loved her music, and the way her personality shone through her songs. Now-a-days, I LOVE Beyoncé. I cannot say enough how much she influences me and pushes me to do better just by being herself. I hope that one day I can do that for others in my own little way. I am so proud of her and so thankful for her presence.

MNGBlog: How did you get into funk/soul music? Were your parents into music when you were growing up?

Saint Spicer: My parents were not super into music, which is surprising. I got into funk and soul because it touched my heart! I love music with personality, and funk music combines musicality, amazing rhythm and hooks with a whole lot of personality. It is my ambition to bring funk back to the center stage of music.

MNGBlog: When you wrote “On Repeat”, you said that this song helped you get “unstuck” from the current cycle you were in. How did it help you? How do you think it helps fans?

Saint Spicer: “On Repeat” helped me see how ridiculous I was being! Sometimes, just seeing yourself on paper gives you pause...you think to yourself, “Damn, am I really doing these same things over and over again in my relationships?” It’s a little embarrassing, but so so helpful. Writing “On Repeat” reminded me over and over again that pouring energy into other people and constantly jumping into relationships was me running away from myself. So I took that love and poured it into myself. I hope other people can see that in themselves.

MNGBlog: What advice can you give fans that are in the same situation you were in?

Saint Spicer: In general, I try not to give advice because everyone is so different. But in this case, learning tangible ways to pour love into yourself is the advice I would give. Imagine you were dating someone. What would you buy for them? How would you support them? Now do that for yourself! Invest tour $ and time into your dreams and your body and your spiritual development first. You are a priority!

MNGBlog: What does your typical recording session look like? Do you write lyrics or melodies first?

Saint Spicer: It depends on the song! Sometimes I write the entire song, drums, bass, lyrics, melody, etc myself. But other times, It starts small with a ample, or a particular drum pack I like. It’s great to work with producers because it helps add even more personality to my songs. They can see a part of me that I don’t always see myself, and bring that out musically.

MNG Blog: Do you have any specific stories about writing “On Repeat?” (like staying up all night just to finish the bridge, a lyric coming to you randomly, etc)

Saint Spicer: “On Repeat” was written in a relatively short time frame. I started writing “On Repeat” because I was depressed as hell and in my feelings about relationships! I was in the studio with Born Soul and we started with the sample you hear at the beginning of the song. It was evocative, and I took those images and smells and put them into the song. Images of tea, fall, and being sad as hell.

MNGBlog: If someone didn’t know you and they asked you to name three songs to get to know you, what would they be and why?

Saint Spicer: “Jealous” by Hyperion (Eli Arbor x EB) (available only on SoundCloud) - every single lyric of this song written by my friends speaks to my experience in Cali, growing, and being around fake fake people! “John Wayne” by Lady Gaga perfectly embodies the chaotic country energy I embody. Finally, “Images” by Nina Simone. I can’t even explain this one, just go listen.

Listen to “On Repeat” below.

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