SUENATRON Honors Mexican-American Heritage with New Single "Cumbia Cali"


Bicultural, bilingual Mexican-American band SUENATRON has caught our attention, and we can’t wait to see them grow.

Comprising Hernan “Mexia” (vocals/accordion) and Giovanni Hernández (vocals/drums)—the sons of Hernan Hernández of the renowned Mexican norteño band Los Tigres Del Norte—in addition to friends Matt Gonzalez (vocals/lead) and Eduardo Montelongo (guitar/bass), SUENATRON has pioneered a sound that they have nicknamed “popteño,” a captivating fusion of traditional and modern styles that also celebrates their roots.

In fact, the quartet’s members are all children of immigrant parents. As a result, since the inception of their project, they have wanted to create a genre that speaks not only to their personal experience and the cultural duality they have lived, but to that which many American citizens of Latino descent have experienced as well.

On Friday, the group shared their new single “Cumbia Cali,” the first to be released from their upcoming self-titled debut album. Blending norteño, hip hop, cumbia, and other Latin American rhythms, the song brings a contemporary flair to regional Mexican music while preserving its integrity and classic sound.

“Cumbia Cali” is dedicated to the Mexican-American community in the United States, especially that of California, where the band was born and raised. Watch the official music video, directed by Giovanni Hidalgo, below.

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