Sardinian Rapper + Producer ThBenj Drops Debut Solo Album T.H.B.

ThBenj THB.jpg

Sardinian-born artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist ThBenj, a.k.a Benjamin Di Ubaldo, was raised on jazz but you’d never know it listening to his music.

Having spent years building his career working and performing with a variety of artists and producers from all over the world, ThBenj has cultivated an eclectic sound that incorporates multiple influences: hip hop, trap, rap, and pop can all be heard throughout the tracks that comprise his debut solo album T.H.B., which drops today.

Many of the 12 songs featured on T.H.B. were written and recorded during an unexpected trip to Harpel, Netherlands, including his latest single “Paranoid” as well as bouncing club track “Feelin’ It” and the haunting yet wildly inspirational “My Prayers To You.”

“I had no idea what I was walking into but it didn’t disappoint,” ThBenj said about his time in the Netherlands. “We worked magic during that week, we barely slept, was a completely different vibe. What I wrote and recorded during that week brought my album to completion.”

Also featured on the album is the lusciously electro-driven track “Waiting for You,” which was released as a single last summer. The song explores what it feels like to chase dreams but is also open to the interpretation of whoever is listening.

“There will always be opportunities. I’ve built my career by taking them and not stressing over ‘what might go wrong.’ I like to focus on what could go right and by living this way I’ve brought experiences into my life that have inspired me to create my music,” ThBenj says. “It’s not always going to be easy. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, being in the unknown.”

Listen to T.H.B. now on Spotify.

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