Katey Brooks Stays True to Herself in New Album REVOLUTE



London-based artist Katey Brooks has been through a lifetime of heartbreak, but now she’s using it to inform her work.

From a young age, music has been Brooks’ saving grace. Having grown up in a cult, the medium became a source of comfort and strength, and when she lost her mother at the age of 22 and, shortly after, her best friend, she turned to songwriting to help her cope with the devastation.

"Pain just reminds me why I sing," she says. "And not just for me; for everybody. They say in a funny sort of way musicians are like therapists. Because music is a universal language. Everybody has experienced some kind of heartache, especially in relationships, and music allows us to purge these feelings.”

Last month Brooks released her new album REVOLUTE. Mastered by Ryan Smith (Adele, Bob Dylan, Talking Heads) and mixed by Paul Quinn, Tarrant Shepherd and Clint Murphy, the album is an inspirational collection that shows off Brooks’ writing prowess while exploring love, loss, learning, and rebirth. Over the course of eleven honest tracks, she boldly owns her sexuality and reclaims herself and her autonomy while reminding others to do the same. “Completing these tracks is not only the closure of a difficult chapter for me, but the exciting beginning of something new, with my freedom finally found,” she explains.

Listen to REVOLUTE below.

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