Listen: Tony Ray Jacobo's Debut Single "You Are the Light" ft. Frankie J

Tony Ray Jacobo.jpg

Many listeners may be familiar with Tony Ray Jacobo as a co-founding member of San Diego reggae band Tribal Seeds, but now the producer and artist is leaving reggae behind to explore a solo career.

In 2019 Jacobo is celebrating the release of his self-produced and mixed debut single “You Are the Light” featuring Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and R&B artist Frankie J.

“I’ve mostly made reggae music up to this point so this is a new genre and creative outlet I got to tap into and explore,” he explains. “I’ve always wanted the freedom to just create good music and not be too concerned about keeping within guidelines of genres. It was extremely fun to create audio art and do whatever I felt sounded good around the vocals Frankie J blessed me with. This will be the first of many solo projects.”

A glistening, radio-friendly track, “You Are the Light” was written and recorded by Frankie J and is an uplifting and inspirational reminder to keep your eye on what illuminates your world in the middle of times of darkness and despair.

“It’s a love message to that special person that makes you better and becomes that light to your darkness,” Jacobo says. “I definitely had my wife in mind as the inspiration for this concept.”

Listen to “You Are the Light” below.

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