Track By Track: Hazel Bloom Breaks Down New EP Space Between Words On A Page


Blending pop and R&B, Hazel Bloom has created an emotionally-driven undeniably infectious sound rounded out by sincere, resonant lyrics and sparkling synths.

Inspired by the blooming of love and nature, the Boston native just released his new EP Space Between Words On A Page, which features the previously released singles “I Loved You, Once” and “Nobody’s Nothing” in addition to three brand new tracks.

Bloom broke down Space Between Words On A Page track by track just for Musical Notes Global. Check out his thoughts below.

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“Royal”: This song is about putting yourself first. There’s always obstacles and people standing in the way of doing what you want to do or even your dreams. This song is for me and everyone who decided their thoughts, their dreams, their everything is worth it. Your dreams, your wants, your needs. Do what you love and fuck the rest. Royal.

“Nobody’s Nothing”: This song is about my tendency to over analyze situations which as a result, has caused me to miss out and neglect feelings that were present. Sometimes I tend to overthink situations to the point where I miss the beauty of what’s right in front of me. I wrote this song to get myself to stop looking for whatever it was I was trying to find. I believe that everything falls into place at the right time in your life and I’m learning to stop trying to find whatever it is I’m looking for and appreciate what is present at the moment. Nobody's Nothing.

“Lipstick Love”: This song is about my personal life. I've always had a dream of packing up all my things in Boston, MA and moving to Los Angeles. This song is about exactly that and moving with my best friend. I basically compare the theme of this song to a 90's Romantic Comedy movie. Fun fact: I didn't even know what Rodeo Drive was until I wrote this song. I do also love J Lo. I always thought of myself as a California kid so this has always been a dream I'd fantasize about. The phrase "Lipstick Love" basically is an expression I made up for my beautiful fantasy. Lipstick Love.

“I Loved You, Once”: I wrote ‘I Loved You, Once’ during the early months of 2018. I wrote the lyrics to this song during the middle of a snowy night at the lake near my house. I was in a vulnerable state of mind where I was still in love with a person but I knew things weren’t going to work out so I wanted to hate them so badly. It’s essentially about feeling lost, then you stumble into this person that makes you feel complete. How beautiful it feels in that moment, then the next it’s over and you feel like you’re back to where you started. I Loved You, Once.

“Life.”: This song is for my friend Mike Hazel.

For anyone who has lost someone close to them.

For everyone taken from this world far too soon.

For everyone stripped of their chance to live before they got to bloom.

It only happens once.



Listen to Space Between Words On A Page below.

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