Behind the Scenes: Pink Roses Reveals 4 Facts About the Making of "westside"

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With a name like Pink Roses, one can’t help but wonder what this duo has to offer.

Entrepreneurs Nate Tepper and Dave Fontenot met years before they formed Pink Roses in 2019, but now, as a dream pop act, they integrate what they learned during their years in the tech-startup sector and are delivering emotionally-driven music that speaks to the most sentimental sides of our minds and hearts.

Self-managed and self-funded, the Toronto-based duo recently released their single “westside,” a modern pop track filled with sparkling ‘80s synths and lots of nostalgia.

Tepper revealed some cool details about the making of “westside” exclusively for Musical Notes Global readers. Check ‘em out below.

1. I was originally inspired to write “westside” after listening to “eastside” by Benny Blanco, Khalid, and Halsey. Hence the name “westside” ;) Something about the guitar, melodies, and nostalgia of that song really inspired me. 

2. I wrote the song thinking about all of the times I would go home from college in the summers. My friends and I would drive around aimlessly and ride our bikes through our hometown. Sometimes we’d have girlfriends and we would take them to all of these special spots that were ours. There was this romantic and nostalgic feeling to all of it. It was a young and innocent time in our lives when we would stay out all night and make out under the stars. I wanted to create that feeling in a song. 

3. I wrote the song with just guitar in about 30 minutes. It just came out of me so quickly and organically. It felt like I was meant to write that song.

4. It took us 20+ hours in the studio with our amazing friend and producer Cameron Hale (Khalid, Kiana Lede, Kailee Morgue) to get the production right though. 

Watch the lyric video for “westside” below.

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