[VIDEO] Story Behind the Song: RAINNE Talks "Hollow"

PHOTO CREDIT: Abel Rodriguez

PHOTO CREDIT: Abel Rodriguez

As fall looms ever closer, there’s no better duo than RAINNE to help ease into the season.

Singer and songwriter Annie Dingwall and saxophonist/engineer Justin Klunk met for the first time at a GRAMMY camp in Los Angeles the summer before they both started at USC’s Thornton School of Music. They instantly forged a strong friendship—and an even stronger working relationship—that eventually lead to the formation of RAINNE.

Drawing inspiration for their band name from nature and all the forms that a rain storm can take on, from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour, RAINNE’s brand of alt-pop will pull listeners right into the same cloudy, moody feelings that only a rainy day can produce.

Today RAINNE releases their new single “Hollow,” a personal account of the heartbreak that comes when a loved one leaves your life, cutting right through to the rawest of emotions.

Watch as the duo talks the story behind the song.

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