"I'm Here to Stay": Canadian-Guatemalan Artist Alx Veliz Makes Triumphant Return, Talks New Single "Boom Bye Bye"

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Known for his distinctive fusion that brings together styles like salsa, reggae, pop, and samba, songwriter, producer, and platinum recording artist Alx Veliz is a trendsetter, and he wants everyone to know that he’s here to stay.

Having made a huge impact on international music with his intoxicating 2015 hit debut single “Dancing Kizomba,” which landed in the top 10 on Billboard charts, Veliz has returned this year with his latest hit, and it’s just as infectious—if not more so—than the song that put him on the map.

Growing up in a multicultural household in Toronto (his parents are Guatemalan, his grandparents Jamaican), Veliz was influenced by a wide spectrum of artists across genres and cultures, from reggae to pop to música latina and more. “I’d say the artists I would listen to the most growing up, either because I listened to them or because my parents did, I would have to say was Michael Jackson, it would be Bob Marley. So even right there you can see the contrast between reggae and pop,” he told Musical Notes Global. “Then on the Spanish side, my parents would listen to José Feliciano, they would listen to Juan Luis Guerra…you would hear Proyecto Uno, you would hear all these different Latin artists. I think all of that allowed me to just take a little bit of each culture and make something of my own.”

As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto boasts a rich and colorful music scene that overflows with talent from a variety cultures. Being born and raised in the thriving city has helped shape who Veliz is today, providing him with a unique perspective of music that enriches his artistry without question. “I think that growing up in Toronto is what gives me my unique sound,” he acknowledged. “I think if I would have grown up in Guatemala—where my parents are from—or anywhere else, I think that I would have stuck with a specific genre and maybe wouldn’t have explored as much…I was exposed to so many different cultures. I always say that Toronto is the world in a city, so being in Toronto, I was able to just take a little bit from the Indian culture, take a little bit from the African culture, take a little bit from the Chinese culture, and integrate that into music when it came to production.”

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Indeed, an enticing assortment of flavors shines through in the urban-pop artist’s feel-good music, allowing him to speak to multiple generations of listeners and have an extraordinary global appeal while bridging the gap between cultures.

In his new single “Boom Bye Bye,” Veliz incorporates reggae with other Caribbean rhythms and elements of pop while telling a relatable story. “The song itself came about a while ago,” he explained. “I was actually driving the car and I wanted to write, kind of like a comeback song, and I came up with ‘Boom Bye Bye,’ a reggae term used back in the day.”

Inspired in part by classic romantic comedies of the ‘90s like She’s All That, “Boom Bye Bye” is a track that will help anyone move on after a break up or leave behind once and for all someone who didn’t see their worth. “I think everybody goes through that one moment in their life where they actually made it and they’re reminded of all those people that didn’t believe in them or that took them for granted, didn’t appreciate them, and then they want to come back into your life. In those moments all you got left to say is boom bye bye. And that’s how the song came about.”

To date, “Boom Bye Bye” has garnered nearly 50,000 Spotify streams since its release last month while its accompanying music video has accumulated more than 300,000 additional views, with lots of positive feedback in comments on social media platforms. “It’s amazing,” he said about the reaction the song is receiving from listeners, “especially after such a long break. I think that was my biggest challenge. I wanted to see how the public would react, especially after this hiatus that I took. And thank God everybody accepted it the way they did. They’re all in love with it and I get messages every day saying ‘Thank you, I needed that song,’ or ‘I feel like you wrote that song for me.’ And that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted people to identify with that song, you know? So I’m just very thankful for that.”

With more than 60 million combined streams worldwide, gold records in Canada, and platinum records in Spain, Veliz is poised to take over the music charts once again, and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. He already has his next single planned and he’s looking forward to sharing the new music with his listeners. “I think one thing that I would love people to know is that I’m here to stay, that it goes way beyond music, like my persona, who I am, what I represent,” he said. “I want people to know that this is going to be for the long run.”

Watch “Boom Bye Bye” below.

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