Jane's Party Revives "Straight from the Heart" with Skye Wallace

Jane's Party 1.jpg

Many bands and artists write love songs about exciting new flames or the burn of an ex-lover. It is never the in-between, the non-exciting, mundane things sustaining the relationship, or what happens after the honeymoon period is over. Jane’s Party is here to change that.

The Toronto-based pop-rock group has been crafting quality bops since 2008. Their upbeat anthems and moody tracks, like the ones off of the quartet’s fourth album Casual Island, have rightfully garnered thousands of fans from all over the world. With an array of intimate lyrics, danceable beats and melodies, Jane’s Party has brought the fire to the indie-pop industry.

Their latest release is a re-imagined version of their hit from Casual Island titled “Straight from the Heart” featuring singer/songwriter Skye Wallace. Wallace’s harmonies pair with the band’s already luscious vocals and add a special, almost calming ambiance to the already laid back pop song. “Straight from the Heart” explores the give and take of relationships with the help from synth, a steady beat, grooving guitar, and a repeat-worthy chorus. This is a track destined to be the background music of a romantic scene in Riverdale, Elite, 13 Reasons Why, or any other popular teen dramedy.

Listen to “Straight from the Heart” below.

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