Uma Banda de Portugal: D.A.M.A

Our first featured band from Portugal developed out of a friendship between members Francisco Pereira and Miguel Coimbra. Later joined by Miguel Cristovinho, the group worked long and hard to achieve their current success.

A cool mix of pop and hip hop, with rap verses sprinkled throughout, D.A.M.A's style is completely and uniquely their own. They bring an easy to listen to brand of music to their listeners, and we fell in love with it immediately.

2014 was an excellent year for D.A.M.A. They released their album Uma Questão de Princípio (which we loved from the moment we first heard “Ás Vezes”), performed with The Voice Portugal contestant Salvador Seixas, and they had the opportunity to open for One Direction.

Last year's success is now continuing into 2015. They're currently touring around Portugal.

Our favorite songs from Uma Questão de Princípio: “Ás Vezes,” "Secrets in Silence (feat. Mia Rose)," "Na Na Na"