The Best of Il Volo

image credits: daniele barraco

image credits: daniele barraco

It's no surprise that Il Volo has a very good chance of winning Eurovision this year with "Grande Amore".

To show our support, and to remind everyone that Il Volo is here to stay, we've compiled a list of their best songs with the help of the amazing IlVolover Twitter community. Enjoy!!

10. "Così"

Why We Picked It: This super collaboration between Il Volo and Eros Ramazzotti was bound to be epic. A featured track on Ramazzotti's Italian release Noi and on the Spanish language version Somos (as "Así"), we love how the distinct styles of these artists blend together so effortlessly.


9. "Ancora"

Why We Picked It: "Ancora" is featured on Il Volo's latest release, the classic and sophisticated EP Sanremo Grande Amore. A beautiful love song that pierces right through the heart, it recalls that romantic breath of days past.


8. "Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te)"

Why We Picked It: This is one song that we wish Il Volo would release on an album one day. Originally recorded by Italian singer Pino Donaggio and presented at Sanremo in 1965, the song has been covered in multiple languages by many artists, including Elvis Presley (as "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"). It gives us the chills, in a good way, especially when Il Volo sings it. It so perfectly suits their voices.

You can find various performances of the song on YouTube.

7. "We Are Love"/"Más Que Amor"

Why We Picked It: Both the English and Spanish versions of this song are fantastic, so we decided to include both on our list. We love how the music videos speak not only to the theme of romantic love, but to love in all forms.


6. "Canzone Per Te"

Why We Picked It: Il Volo's latest single from Sanremo Grande Amore is a sensationally thrilling love song that is almost, or just as, breathtaking as Sanremo winner "Grande Amore".


5. "'O Sole Mio"

Why We Picked It: Oh, the song that started it all! Il Volo's update of this traditional canzone napoletana launched them into global superstardom, causing what seemed like the whole world to stop and listen to what they had to say.


4. "Caruso"

Why We Picked It: A classic Italian song written and originally recorded by the late Lucio Dalla, it has inspired the production of cover versions all over the world. We tend to favor Il Volo's live version out of all of the versions out there (they have not yet recorded the track on an album), as it absolutely suits their voices perfectly (especially that of tenor Ignazio Boschetto).

You can find various performances of the song on YouTube.

3. "Non Farmi Aspettare"

Why We Picked It: This beautiful, almost heartbreaking, song was an overwhelming favorite of our IlVolover friends on Twitter. We love it too, of course! The track was included on their sophomore albums We Are Love/Más Que Amor.

You can find live performances of the song on YouTube.

2. "Grande Amore"

Why We Picked It: We've already mentioned "Grande Amore" a few times on this blog (see 10 of the Best Song Entries of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and March's list of Top Italian Songs of the Moment), but we are so unbelievably blown away by this song that we're never letting go of it. It's just gorgeous.


1. "Il Mondo"

Why We Picked It: "Il Mondo" was a crucial component of Il Volo's early and rapid success and continues to be a fan favorite. Already an Italian classic, the group's revival of the song brought it to a new generation of listeners. It was released on their first album Il Volo, and it was also featured on the Spanish language version of the album as "El Mundo".

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