Albums We Love: Fight For Love (2009)-Elliott Yamin

Some of you might be familiar with Elliott Yamin from his run on Season 5 of American Idol in 2006, where he always impressed with his soul and passion. The American Idol machine, which is coming to an end soon, has produced many stars, both the overwhelmingly obvious like Kelly Clarkson and the special gems like Elliott.

Why We Love It: Elliott's sophomore album Fight For Love is a standout. In addition to his outstanding voice, what really makes him an exceptional artist is his authenticity and genuine emotion that shines through every song he sings. These qualities are evident on every single track on this album.

Our Favorite Songs: “Fight For Love,” “Cold Heart,” “How Do I Know”

Fight For Love spans a range of emotions, with each song offering something unique to the album. Without a doubt, one of the BEST songs featured is the title track “Fight For Love,” which was the first single released from the album. An emotion-packed ballad, it immediately pulls you into its stirring depths. Compelling and richly produced, it will make you believe in love and remind you of its power in the world.

“Cold Heart” is a fun and rhythmic track, while “How Do I Know” is a little heavier in content. Both could have been easily heard on the radio were they released as singles. Although "How Do I Know" discusses the unknowns that sometimes come with a relationship and the possibility of that relationship coming to an end, the track is totally repeat worthy. There’s just something about that beat, man.

We can never say enough about how gifted Elliott Yamin is. With three awesome studio albums to his name, we hope to keep hearing from him for a very long time.