Alessio Bernabei Will Voice JT's Character in Italian Version of Trolls

Former Dear Jack frontman Alessio Bernabei is having an amazing first year as a solo artist. After performing in Sanremo, releasing his debut album (Noi siamo infinito), and performing in various music festivals, he will also be playing a role in the Italian version of Trolls.

The blockbuster will be released in America in the fall and features Justin Timberlake as Branch. Bernabei will voice Timberlake's character for the Italian version of the movie, which will also be released in the fall.

Bernabei visited Los Angeles in June, where he met with Timberlake.

Translation of Instagram post: "I was chosen to be the voice of the male protagonist from Trolls, the new animated film from Dream Works distributed by 20th Century Fox. And guess who voices the protagonist in the American version?!! Well, it's this nice man here! Justin Timberlake! The film will come out at the end of October in all Italian theaters!!

Will you see the Italian version? Let us know how it is!

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