Premiere: Trace Repeat's New Video "I Do"

PHOTO CREDIT: Cecilia Silvestre Photography

PHOTO CREDIT: Cecilia Silvestre Photography

Funk and soul band Trace Repeat is fresh off the release of their brand new album The Oaktown Sound, a vibrant nine-track collection that pays homage to their hometown of Oakland, California. While they're busy finding inspiration in the best of Motown and churning out completely enthralling and addicting music, the band is also working to break down Asian American stereotypes and has recently received press attention from major outlets including NBC News and The Huffington Post.

Today Trace Repeat premieres their brand new music video for "I Do" exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Super sweet in every way, the track is chock full of dreamy vocals and instrumentals fueled by the melodic beauty of fire-igniting soul.

"Our concept for the 'I Do' music video is sort of an inside joke that we've taken way, way too far," Trace Repeat's vocalist/guitarist/bassist Wesley Woo explained. "We set off trying to tell a story of what it's like being 28 years old and not knowing a damn thing about relationships. It's a song about the perils of dating, plain and simple. David (our trombone player) suggested jokingly that we turn it into a love story between a hat and a coat rack, just out of a series of continually escalating ridiculous ideas. One thing led to another, and well. Here we are. Haha."

Filmed and produced by Nathan Luu, with the screenplay written by Woo, the video lives up to the hype and pairs perfectly with the overall vibe of the song.

"In all seriousness though, I am really excited to share the video with everyone, cause I think it came out really great," Woo said. "It follows the day in the life of a coat rack that really can't get its act together, and a hat that's just plain having a bad day. It's all at once equal parts ridiculous, comical, and tear-jerkingly beautiful in storytelling."

Watch "I Do" below.

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