Watch the Latest from The Flavr Blue: "Fetti & Spaghetti"

PHOTO CREDIT: Jordan Nicholson

PHOTO CREDIT: Jordan Nicholson

Are you ready for the latest from The Flavr Blue?

Comprising Grammy-nominated frontwoman Hollis Wong Wear and producers/vocalists Lace Cadence and Parker Joe, the Seattle-based trio combines melodic hip hop rhythms with electronic pop and R&B into one dynamic, pulsating sound that mesmerizes and seduces.

Their bold new single "Fetti & Spaghetti" is absolute fire and serves as a call to action as we face a political climate that has been more turbulent and unpredictable than ever. Lyrics like "It's 2017 and there's Nazis in the White House" say it all.

"Fetti & Spaghetti is our anthem to the modern times, a message that unfortunately has only grown more relevant and resonant since we wrote it this past spring," The Flavr Blue said. "As the powers that be try to keep us quiet, we're coming back with full force, stunting as we go. We hope people turn up to this one; we all need something to strengthen us right now."

Along with the video, The Flavr Blue also announced that they will be releasing their sophomore album Blue Dream on October 27, which promises to deliver modern, chilled out vibes throughout its 14 tracks.

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