My Playlist: The Liza Colby Sound

PHOTO CREDIT: James Hartley

PHOTO CREDIT: James Hartley

Today Musical Notes Global is coming at you with a fresh new soulful playlist curated by The Liza Colby Sound.

Fronted by Liza Colby of The Gold Setting, the band comprises three industry veterans, who together bring nearly two decades of experience to each stage they perform on. As they gear up for a tour with their partners in crime The Sweet Things (full list of dates after playlist below), The Liza Colby Sound shared some favorites they're listening to on the road.

"Every time The Sweet Things and The Liza Colby Sound go on tour together, Dave (Lead singer of The Sweet Things) and I go in to BFF mode as soon as the planning commences," Colby said. "I am a girls girl for sure, but he makes up for not being a girl with his long hair and always picking up my calls. We talk an average of 2,903 times a day, and that's a conservative estimate. When we are not playing chatty Cathy we are bro-ing out, which we happen to be doing right now.

Here is our DIRTY SWEET SOUND TOUR part deux playlist:

"First I Look At The Purse"-J Geils

"The driving jackhammer drum is a perfect last call to get your ass in the van. This is a favorite kick you in the face and get you going or keep you moving kinda jam."


"The Girl Can't Dance"-Bunker Hill

"No sleep. Must Rock. Why bring it down when you can keep it up....and you're welcome, the Viagra of van life."


"Ain't No Sunshine"-Gladys Knight and the Pips

"Chill out, groove on it, groove in it. This cut's bass situation has you feeling all the things. This is the song when you look around the van every is just in their own soul vortex. No big deal, Gladys is the post coital cigarette after the Bunker Hill explosion."


"Nothing But a Heartache"-The Flirtations

"We just stopped at checkers and every one's feeling pretty good and recharged. In true tour form this is about when I would be in full vocal rest mode and decide that a full out lip-sync performance is in order."


"High School"-MC5

"Someone has to teach the punks how to punk. Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Bah. Why isn't this the National Anthem?"


"Black Coffee"-Humble Pie

"Coffee break! That might have been the one that put me over. Locked in a van in the middle of nowhere America. Don't know if I am gonna shit my pants, have a heart attack or if we need to call a mandatory van roof surfing sesh."


"Combination of the Two"-Big Brother and the Holding Company

"I'm gonna throw things over to Dave 2 seats over from me in the back of the van. [Liza hands hair brush as microphone to Dave] Thanks Liza, when I saw the reformed New York Dolls for the first time a decade ago they said this was their favorite band, so we're gonna blast some now. If it's good enough for Buster Poindexter, it's good enough for us."


"Ramble Tamble"-Creedence Clearwater Revival

"Let's keep it classy and classic with some CCR. 'OOOOO down the road I go', Indeed. And you get the psychedelic breakdown in the middle?!? In 1970 you could open an album with a 7:09minute-er we choose to close with it! Hey John we see you."


The Liza Colby Sound is currently preparing for the release of their new EP Draw, scheduled to drop on November 17, and they recently shared the music video for their new single "My World." Watch it here.

The Dirty Sweet Sound Tour Part Deux Tour Dates
10/18 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Neck Tie
10/19 - Pittsburgh, PA - James St. Gastro Pub
10/20 - Mansfield, OH - La Luna
10/21 - Colombus, OH - The Tree Bear
10/22 - Detroit, MI - PJ’s Lager House
10/23 - Chicago, IL - Emporium Arcade
10/24 - Newport, KY - Revival Room
10/25 - Nashville, TN - Cobra Club
10/26 - Atlanta, GA - Star Bar
10/27 - Wilmington, NC - Reggie’s
10/28 - Richmond, VA - Wonderland
10/29 - Washington DC - Slash Run

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Instagram: @lizacolbysound