Listen: The Sometimes Island's New Summer Anthem "Stick To Yer Guns"

Texas-born, and now LA-based, singer-songwriter The Sometimes Island recently released his new single "Stick To Yer Guns."

The synthy track overflows with space-age-like electro beats, making it a perfect anthem for summer 2017. Written from a unique perspective, it discusses a post-breakup situation that is often not spoken about, especially in music. "Breakup songs are usually easy to write, because there's so much emotion behind them - but it's harder to write something that says you were right, it's okay to be mad, stick to what you're doing and I'll do the same," he explained. "I wrote that song, and over time I felt like this song was talking to me instead, telling me nothing comes easy and only through perseverance. That's when things started falling into place. The arrangement behind it was directly inspired from that revelation, focusing on and moving infinitely towards but never arriving to this clean musical resolution off in the distance."

Listen to "Stick To Yer Guns" below.

Having accumulated over a decade's worth of experience as an active member of LA's music scene, fronting multiple bands and writing hundreds of songs, Blankenship is now preparing an EP as part of his new solo project The Sometimes Island, which is set for release this July.

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