French Punk Rock Band Bare Teeth Releases New EP First the Town, Then the World

Based in Lille, France, Bare Teeth—Gregory (guitar, vocals), Titouan (guitar, backing vocals), Jérôme (drums), and Tom (bass, backing vocals)—are winning over listeners with their bold punk rock. After selling more than 250 copies of their demo, the band decided to take the next step.

Bare Teeth just released their debut EP First the Town, Then the World, a collection of seven songs (plus one bonus track) that pack a serious punch. "The EP title...can sound a bit pretentious, but it's not our mood," Gregory explained to Musical Notes Global. "We are a small band and we know where we come from, but we want to push things further. We don't want to play the same shows again and again for our friends." With a message that anyone can get behind, it will have lovers of punk rock reveling in its rich and dynamic soundscape. "Music is made to be spread, so we want to spread our music always further from home," he said. "The main message is : believe in what you do, be humble and work hard to make your dreams come true."

Their latest single "Parted Ways" is a high energy anthem that was inspired by "Personal stuff, mostly," Gregory said, and focuses on the shifts that occur in relationships and priorities as we get older. "I used to have a friend who introduced me to skateboard and punk/rock," he explained. We were really close back in the days, but as we grew up, he took a very different way, almost stopped playing music and only skating from time to time, then focused on his career. People can change and it's not a bad thing, but sometimes they turn their backs at what they once were and trash people who are still in the same lifestyle they had when they were younger. Speaking for myself, I'm 36 and have a baby, but I can't imagine my life without playing music and go on tour...even if I don't skate anymore, haha!"

The band will play some shows in France and Belgium this month, followed by shows in the UK in July and shows in France, Italy, and Germany in November.

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