Julia Weldon Releases Tribute Track for PULSE Victims

One year after the tragic shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, singer-songwriter Julia Weldon has released a beautiful new track titled "'Til the Crying Fades" as a tribute to the victims.

"It was truly the experience I wanted to document," Weldon explained about the track's music video. "Friends, family and new folks gathering together to express themselves on the dance floor. As those individuals were seeking to do that night in Orlando, we will continue to say their names and commemorate their existence - by means of creative expression and persistence."

Directed by Alessandra Lacorazza and produced by Justine LaViolette, the video was filmed at a Brooklyn bar/venue/safe space and is a moving artistic composition. "In response to Julia's beautiful song I wrote a treatment that focused on the latinx community and played tribute to the lives we lost at Pulse a year ago today," Lacorazza explained. "While the attack on Pulse deeply affected the whole LGBTQIA community it disproportionately affected the latinx community, as most of the victims were latinx."

Watch below.

A nationally recognized and queer musician, Weldon is now getting ready to release her new album Comatose Hope on July 13, which was informed by her experience following a gender affirming surgery. She will celebrate the album's release with a show in NYC.

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