My Playlist: Ten Two

PHOTO CREDIT: Ramses Ochoa

PHOTO CREDIT: Ramses Ochoa

Ten Two is embarking on a new adventure. A solo career, to be more specific.

The former frontman of alternative rock band Still The Sky's Limit, he is switching gears to go the acoustic route, channeling his inner singer songwriter without losing sight of his alt rock past.

Fresh off the release of his solo debut album Forth, Ten Two curated a playlist of some of the songs that have inspired his work just for Musical Notes Global.

"I tend to become very stuck on a few songs over a fairly lengthy period of time, which in turn inspires me in my own writing," he said. "As such, I can site three songs that have been at the forefront of my personal playlist of late. In the same token, the final song on this list is one that inspires me in a completely different fashion. Being that I love writing two very different styles of music within the realm of guitar styling, the genres differ greatly from one another."

Check out Ten Two's playlist below!


1. “Miracle” - Emarosa

"I’ve been obsessed with Emarosa’s most recent full length release '131' for around a full year now. I actually have three favorite songs from the album including 'Miracle'; the other two being 'One Car Garage' and 'Blue'. The reason I will go with 'Miracle' is that it is the song that began the craze for me. I had previously heard of Emarosa and enjoyed a few of the tracks with Jonny Craig on vocals, but the production value of this album, mixed with the prowess of Mr. Bradley Walden’s vocals had me hooked immediately. The guitar tones are spot on, the depth of the drums and the styling of even the cymbals within the track and the way the song moves forward melodically has kept me listening day in and day out for as long as the song has been available. It’s a 'head-bobbing-rock-track' for sure."


2. “Love Your Sin” - I The Mighty

"I love how this song begins. It hits hard immediately combining an awesome guitar riff with somewhat screamed despondent sounding vocals and driving drums. The song goes from intensely powerful to meanderingly soft and back again over the course of 3 minutes and 53 seconds. As is a common theme in my enjoyment of music: the vocals are fantastic; Mr. Brent Walsh has some insanely amazing vocal ability. The song has a feel of building and building throughout that maintains an intensity, almost a sense of anxiety that keeps one’s heart racing throughout. I enjoy most of the catalogue of songs that I The Mighty have presented over their years of rocking, but I continuously circle back to this one and have been playing it on repeat for weeks."


3. “Waiting” - Picturesque

"This song by Picturesque has a somewhat similar driving force that the I The Mighty track presented. It begins with an awesome guitar riff that, as an obsessive guitar player I am immediately captivated by. It differs from the feel of 'Love Your Sin' by I The Mighty in that it never meanders, and the vocal styling of the lead singer is exceptionally different from Mr. Brent Walsh’s. This track is a very catchy Post-Hardcore song. Truthfully I could just listen to the beginning of the song over and over again and be satisfied. That intro guitar riff blows me away."


4. “Barton Hollow” - The Civil Wars

"I have several mood changes within my own writing, currently I am very focused on the idea of the full band, Post-Hardcore style. That being said, once I have a few songs written to my liking in that sort of style I know I’ll then revert to my other love: the acoustic singer/songwriter genre. The Civil Wars have been a go-to for me for years and years. Their album 'Barton Hollow' has inspired me acoustically for years. I’ll be honest in that I wasn’t a huge fan of their follow up effort, a self-titled album that actually won the duo several Grammys, save for the song 'The One That Got Away'. For my taste they ventured a bit from the simplicity of acoustic guitar and dual vocals that I had come to adore so much, but those two songwriters are absolutely brilliant and had they figured out how to put their differences aside I feel they would be a household name by now. The title song 'Barton Hollow' is one of the more upbeat and overtly catchy tracks on the album. It’s also about as ‘country’ as my brain allows me to enjoy. The vocal and guitar build toward the finale of the song gets me every time."


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