Somewhere Between Love & War: Sam Hale's Latest EP is HERE!

PHOTO CREDIT: Jenna Doolittle

PHOTO CREDIT: Jenna Doolittle

Sometimes starting a new journey, like moving to a new state, can inspire your next chapter in life. For singer-songwriter Sam Hale, this is exactly what happened, and it led to the creation of his new era of music. The Nashville-based artist dropped his new EP, Somewhere Between Love & War, on Friday, October 12.

“This EP, ‘Somewhere Between Love & War,’ is special to me in so many ways,” Hale explains. “It marked the beginning of a new chapter, maybe even the start of a new book.”

Produced by Sam Kassirer (who has worked with Josh Ritter, David Ramirez, and Erin McKeown), the five-track EP is a reflection of Hale’s personal struggles.

Somewhere Between Love & War features singles “Supernatural” and “Can’t Take It”, which have an impressive 20,000 streams combined on Soundcloud and nearly 80,000 on Spotify. The EP also blends his love of for rock, blues, electronic, pop, and hip-hop into a magical experience for his fans. Spanning a variety of topics from toxic relationships to a homage to his own mother, Hale has a track for every listener.

Listen to the full EP below!

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