Guest Blog: "How Madonna Made Me the Woman I Am Today" by K-Bust

Electro-pop/urban artist K-Bust has a special way about her.

Blossoming from a shy little girl into a feminist powerhouse in the music industry, this multi-lingual self-taught musician never fails to hit us right where we feel it most: in the heart.

Born in Chile and now based in Montreal, K-Bust draws on influences from 70s and 80s pop, sounds that are evident in her sophomore album Fearless, which she releases today. A stunning, dreamy collection of 11 deep, lyrically rich, and sonically lush synth-driven songs, Fearless will soon find its way onto playlists everywhere.

The singer-songwriter also took the time to participate in Musical Notes Global's Women's History Month celebration by penning a guest blog all about how Madonna has influenced her life and career. Check it out below!

PHOTO CREDIT: François Nadeau

PHOTO CREDIT: François Nadeau

"As a young girl I always felt attracted to music as a way of self expression. I used to spend hours watching music videos on MTV, paying special attention to female artists that looked fierce and defying on stage. They were women with strong personalities that broke every rule and stereotype of their time. Among them, my biggest inspiration to become a performing artist was the queen of pop, Madonna.

I guess the fact that I grew up having a hard-working, fierce and strong character mother made me unconsciously look out for those personality traits when I turned my attention to music icons. Ever since I attended one of Madonna’s concerts I’ve been checking out her music videos and live performances with detailed attention, on YouTube for instance. She blew my mind with her so polished and well structured live show, when we say that in music it’s all about the experience; well, to me that was perfection and an unforgettable one. From the concept we could appreciate on stage around her music, to the costumes she and her crew worn and the dance moves; all executed at a perfect pace and fashion.

Her energy, the way she carries herself on stage and how she masters the engagement with the audience, I would definitely dare to say, that she’s an open book and some sort of a virtual school for younger artists. She offers so many lessons that we can grasp as less experienced performers; knowledge and experience that can certainly help us sculpt our own style when playing our own live shows, a great source of inspiration.

In 2016, I was celebrating the award she got as being the recipient of “Woman of The Year” at the Billboard’s Women inMusic ceremony. What a well-deserved prize for such a long lasting and successful career, like no other, in a male-dominated industry, like music is. I have never resonated so much with a speech as I did with hers that night, so emotional, blunt and articulated, words that I think had the power to inspire every woman paving her own path to success. As she was thanking people supporting her all the way during her career, she also dedicated some words to the non-believers - "But to the doubters and naysayers and everyone who gave me hell and said I could not, that I would not or I must not -- your resistance made me stronger, made me push harder, made me the fighter that I am today. It made me the woman that I am today. So thank you." - Madonna

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