Nathan Trent Talks New Single with Poptracker "Won't Let You Go"

Nathan Trent Poptracker Won't Let You Go.jpg

Last year, soulful pop/R&B crooner Nathan Trent won over listeners with his uplifting Eurovision entry "Running On Air."

Working in collaboration with the producers of Poptracker, Trent recently released a new single titled "Won't Let You Go," a high energy track that shows us an exciting new side of the multilingual Austrian singer and songwriter.

"I really love for people to see a new side of me," he told Musical Notes Global. "The video has a lot of hidden messages and I'm curious how people react to it. It's a little darker and more mature I'd say. And of course, the sound is different to my previous songs, because it's the first collaboration I did."

"Won't Let You Go" still follows Trent's signature positive outlook and cool vibes, which his fans have already come to know and love. He said he hopes listeners "understand the meaning of the song, which is: to always keep the good feelings close to your heart in order to let them give you the motivation to reach your goals."

As 2018 gets into full swing, Trent is excited to start enjoying some new experiences.
"I'm looking forward to this year because there are a lot of things I've been planning," he said. "I can't wait to move to London and get inspired there. I'm rooting for this year to be one of the most inspirational ones."

Watch "Won't Let You Go" below.

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