My Playlist: Deanna Petcoff

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After spending years in the band Pins & Needles, singer-songwriter Deanna Petcoff is now embarking on a solo career and she's making a splash while she's doing it.

The 1960s-inspired Toronto-based artist is fresh off the release of her new single "Terribly True," an honest and raw confessional track that delves into the concept of being in love with the idea of love (listen here).

Today Deanna shares the perfect spring playlist with Musical Notes Global. Listen below.


"Make Me Your Queen"-Declan McKenna

I chose this song because it exemplifies what I think of when I imagine walking out of my apartment out into a warm sunny day. It’s a little dance-y and upbeat but also has the right amount of melancholy for me. I also love McKenna’s writing style, and attention to detail in the production, with some excellent tambourines and that really cool fuzz bass in the chorus. I truly believe anything is possible for Declan McKenna. PS he’s younger than me!!


"IUD"-Okay Kaya

This song is so lovely and powerful, with so much room for imagination and the projection of oneself into the story. It’s rare to discuss birth control and the involvement of your partner in these decisions in everyday conversation, never mind in a song. The sensitivity of her voice as well as the room tone and warmth of all the instruments makes this a perfect song for spring, or really any time when you’re feeling vulnerable to change.


"Jesse"-Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos is one of my favourite writers right now, because she’s managed to capture complex feelings we all feel in a really simple, relatable way. Not only that, but the arrangement of her pieces is always exactly serving to the song—nothing is indulgent or complex in a way it doesn’t need to be. Frankie Cosmos is the band I always wanted to be in, and I’m anxiously awaiting the drop of their next record!


"Fight or Flight"-Language Arts

Language-Arts is one of my favourite bands out of Toronto, not only because Kristin was a mentor of mine but also because her vocals and guitar playing are absolutely out of this world. This song in particular captures the anxieties of new relationships, and second-guessing yourself. It feels like you’re on the brink of something amazing, sitting in that in-between moment of indecision that is so deliciously anticipatory that you feel the need to jump to one side or the other but you almost don’t want to. That’s sort of like this moment right before spring truly hits.



Another amazing Toronto band, Weaves can capture freedom like no other. I have a very distinct memory of listening to Slicked in the car with my girls, windows down and singing obnoxiously along with Jasmine’s weird, awesome melodic choices. I left this record for a second during the winter, but now that spring is rearing its head again it’s time to bring back this preppy badass melodies and roaring guitars.


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