Exclusive Premiere: Chelsea Gill Shares New Summer Single "Ray-Bans"


Rising young pop-country artist Chelsea Gill exudes pure sunshine.

That glistening radiance comes beaming through on her new summer single "Ray-Bans," which she is premiering today exclusively with Musical Notes Global.

A luminescent pop jam with a light country twang, the track is an ode to relationships that have come to an end and remaining confident in oneself. "I wrote 'Ray-Bans' as a lighthearted look at little things left behind after a breakup, his t-shirt, your favorite record, or in this case, his favorite sunglasses," she revealed to Musical Notes Global. "Sometimes those things can bring up memories and make you sad, but other times you know you are so much better off without him! Many times I've focused on what I've lost when a relationship ends, but sometimes what you gain is so much more... freedom, strength, empowerment, self love. I feel strong when I realize I am happy and worthwhile no matter what a man says. If your ex doesn't know what he/she is missing, you better run! To me, 'Ray-Bans' is about holding on to the good from a relationship, and letting the rest drift away."

Listen to "Ray-Bans" below. We're definitely going to have this one on repeat all weekend--and all summer--long!

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