Sam Hale Gets Personal in New Single "Supernatural"

PHOTO CREDIT: Jenna Doolittle

PHOTO CREDIT: Jenna Doolittle

Sam Hale is going to be your new indie rock obsession.

The Nashville-based producer and singer’s latest release “Supernatural” is a ride through 80’s influenced rock and electro pop sounds that touches upon his experience immigrating from Iran to the U.S.

On the first listen, one may think that Hale has a run-in with the paranormal, when in reality “Supernatural” celebrates the love and strength his mother showed as she fought to keep their family together in their move to the United States.

According to Hale, his mother is a forced to be reckoned with. “If it weren’t for her and her supernatural strength, I wouldn’t be in America right now writing to you about this song,” he says.

“Supernatural” is the first song off of Hale’s upcoming five-track EP, Somewhere Between Love & War. The deeply personal EP gives listeners a brief look into Hale’s life and struggles and is set to be released on October 12, 2018.

Listen to “Supernatural” below!

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