6 Artists You Need to Have on Your Black History Month Playlist

It’s February 1st, which means it’s the start of Black History Month. The month signifies the important struggles and achievements of the African American community. It’s time to reflect on the music and art created by talented African American performers, musicians, and artists alike.

Here is a playlist of just a few artists you should be listening to this month (and every month, not just this one.)

1. “Rain” - Benji

Benji’s piano infused pep talk discusses the trials and tribulations of life, reminding others that they are worth it and it’s okay to feel worthless sometimes. Benji. certainly makes Pittsburgh proud.

2. “Trip” - Ella Mai

Mai’s voice is powerful and with each line she effortlessly glides through, you crave for more. “Trip” is perfect for a ‘Girl’s Night In.’

3. “Babies” - KYLE feat. Alessia Cara

This spin on late 80’s/early 90’s R&B, reflects on young love. It’s a feel-good song that reminds listeners about the days where their only worry was if their junior high school crush was single or not.

4. “Honey” - Kehlani

Kehlani is an openly queer woman, using her platform to talk about men, women, and non-binary people. “Honey,” which came out in 2017, is an ode to the woman she loves and wants to be with. This was the first time that a lot of queer women felt represented on the airwaves.

5. “Vertigo” - Khalid

Khalid is no stranger to making songs that tug at the heartstrings. This one is no different. “Vertigo” is questioning life and growing up. It’s also realizing that the “love” a person had for another person may have been lust all along.

6. “Make Me Feel” - Janelle Monáe

Monáe’s 2018 hit explores female sexuality and being a sexual woman. She is funky, energetic, and ready for whatever is going to happen next. The beat alone makes “Make Me Feel” the perfect track to dance to at the bar with friends.